Our Moroccan Pantry pays tribute to the rich culinary heritage of exceptional Moroccan roots.


It’s natural to have strong food connections in Morocco because we are an agricultural country par excellence and because cooking remains a family affair. Our grandfather was a wheat stocker when Morocco was under French protectorate supplying major parts of Morocco. Our mom's aunt was married to one of the best butchers in Casablanca who had the best Kefta in town. A huge portion of life was spent around butchers, farmers, and wine makers because our dad used to sell trucks and was always taking us to his client’s estates.

Most of all we love good food and have been blessed with a mom who loves to cook and with all modesty she has a reputation for being a good cook. The Villa Jerada Pantry line pays tribute to the rich culinary heritage of exceptional Moroccan roots that that we had the pleasure of experiencing.

When we say, "Villa Jerada does Moroccan Better" the words move beyond a fleeting catch phrase to a set of values and practices that make us incomparable to our competitors. We believe that the profit of making a product should never compromise the process or quality of ingredients. These standards follow us from product conception, package design, to our small batch food making practice and lastly to distribution of our Moroccan pantry line. The food making aspect of our business remains the heartbeat of everything that we do because it gives us an opportunity to share our beautiful and colorful Moroccan experience through our love of food on a more personal level.