Amlou Butter is a nutritious, delicious treat of toasty, creamy sweetness that has often been described as “peanut butter and jelly Moroccan style”.

Argan Almond Amlou.jpg

Such a comparison though true in the sense that it adorns every Moroccan's breakfast and goute table, falls short of capturing the special attributes that make this nut butter stand apart. 

Amlou butter like the Argan tree is native to Morocco and has its roots in the ancient past. The production of Argan oil has traditionally been managed by women and still is today through cooperatives that both empowers the women and enriches the communities in which they live.

The extraction of Argan oil is labor intensive. It takes 30kg of fruit and about 15 hours of labor to produce just one liter of oil. Attempts to mechanize this process have been unsuccessful.

Traditionally, goats provided a much-appreciated labor-saving service: Although undoubtedly organic, the goat stage of production is now bypassed – in the interest of producing a “goat musk-free” taste or smell in the end product.

Though the Argan Oil used for Amlou Butter exists sans the help of the goat, we still found it befitting to include them in the conception of our packaging because when we think of Amlou, we also think of the ancient and beloved Argan tree, which for us is synonymous with the equally beloved Moroccan goat. If you ever travel the Moroccan country side you will still stumble upon those daring little darlings who have made it past the no goat feeding sign, adorning Argan branches like ornaments on a Christmas tree. After all how could they resist a treat rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, Omega-3 fatty acids, and linoleic acid, just to name a few.

Villa Jerada's Amlou Butter blends California almonds with wild Washington farmed honey along with an abundant amount of sustainably sourced Argan oil in our small batch making process. We believe that we have found a perfect balance in our recipe that highlights the use of Argan oil giving our Amlou butter a creamier, tastier, and greater nutritional content compared to other brands currently in the market today.

Ingredients (12oz): argan oil, raw wildflower honey, toasted almond butter