Award winning certified organic olive oil from the Atlas mountains. Gold medal winners at the London Great Taste Awards and the Los Angelos International Olive Oil Competition.

As fate would have it our neighbor in Morocco happens to be members of the Aqallal family, the most award winning olive oil producers in the whole of Morocco. With that connection our desire to share good food from the Moroccan kitchen was born and an internalized value for carrying high quality, sustainably sourced products that tell a story of the region and the farmers in which the food was grown. The Aqallal’s have been producing olive oil in Morocco since 1887 and the techniques used preserves the accumulation of knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. Their farms are nestled beneath the Atlas Mountains and the amount of time between harvest and extraction can be as little as 20 minutes creating a very low acidity level between 0.1 and 0.2 percent. The olives are both centenary and newly planted and are also kept separate in extraction and bottling.

The Atlas farms look to best agriculture practices and have adopted techniques from around the globe to ensure that everything from preparation, maintenance, to harvest reflects land stewardship practices. Israeli drip irrigation systems are used to parcel out the water from the Atlas Mountains snowmelt. To further protect this precious source they have built Morocco’s first covered water basin as a means of avoiding evaporation from the sun combined with a German pumping technology. Atlas has also imported tons of volcanic rock from Latin America to mix into the soil, which acts as a sponge to retain the water.

One of the Aqallal’s premium extra virgin olive oils of the French cultivar Picholine du Languedoc, Les Terroirs de Marrakech, from the Marrakech Estate produces such a unique oil reflecting the special conditions of soil, sun and the trees from which they're grown. Desert Miracle is produced on the El-Borouj Olive Estate. Of the three estates, this is at the lowest elevation of 320 meters, and also the most arid. In 2009 Desert Miracle won a gold medal at the Los Angeles’s International Olive Oil Competition. In 2009, the oil received the 3rd place award in the International Olive Council Mario Solinas Quality Awards in the green fruitiness category. In both 2009 and 2010, the oil received the gold medal at London’s Great Taste Awards.